Semen Shipping Canister (Shipmate)

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Thousands of Consecutive Successful Semen Shipments and Counting.

When it comes to transporting semen safely and effectively, Shipmate stands above the rest.

Unlike other systems that lack precise temperature control, Shipmate ensures the semen's temperature remains at a consistent 5°C/41°F throughout the entire journey, even on shipments lasting 3-4 days. Plus, its compact size minimizes shipping costs, making it a cost-effective choice.

Developed and manufactured by Innovative Technology Ltd. in Elk City, Oklahoma, Shipmate has revolutionized the industry.

Discover why it's the preferred choice for breeders and professionals in need of reliable semen shipments.

Key Semen Shipping Kit (Shipmate) Features:

  • Double-Walled Stainless Steel Flask: The 130mm tall, 90mm diameter flask can hold up to 350ml of semen, accommodating multiple samples in a single shipment.

  • Battery-Powered: Shipmate is powered by a D-sized alkaline battery, ensuring it remains operational for extended periods.

  • Extended Shelf Life: Shipmate can safely transport semen for up to a 10-day duration, providing flexibility and peace of mind.

Shipmate's Superior Technology: Traditional semen shipping methods often use passive systems that rely on ice packs to cool the specimen. However, this approach lacks precise temperature control, leading to inconsistent and unreliable results.

In contrast, Shipmate takes control of both the cooling rate and the final temperature of the specimen. It employs a double-walled stainless steel flask encased in ice packs within an insulated foam shipping box. This unique design prevents rapid cooling, which can cause Cold Shock or freezing.

The secret behind Shipmate's success lies in its advanced technology, including a microprocessor, temperature sensor, heater, and memory. These components work together to ensure the specimen's temperature is measured and controlled with precision.

The specimen undergoes a carefully controlled cooling process, starting with a cooling rate of 0.5°C per minute until it reaches 18°C. Then, it is gradually cooled at a rate of 1°C every 20 minutes to precisely 5°C, the optimal temperature for semen preservation. This slow cooling process prevents Cold Shock and maintains the specimen's viability.

The entire process is automated with Shipmate, requiring no setup. Simply load the box with ice packs, insert a fresh D-cell alkaline battery, and let Shipmate take care of the rest. (For longer trips, additional ice packs and a larger insulated box may be needed.)

Experience the future of semen shipping with Shipmate – where precision, reliability, and ease of use converge to deliver unparalleled results. (Patent Pending)

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