From Breeders, For Breeders.

My Breeder Supply isn't just another breeding supplier; it's the experience of decades of hands-on breeding knowledge. Every tool and product you find here has been tested, trusted, and used in our own successful breeding program. Over the past couple decades, we have proudly overseen more than 100 successful litters, each one benefiting from the products we passionately vouch for. We don't just sell; we share what's worked for us, and by doing so, we aim to enhance your breeding journey.

Why My Breeder Supply?

We've navigated the same challenges you face, celebrated the same successes, and constantly innovated to ensure the well-being of our litters. Our patented Heated Whelping kits, state-of-the-art incubators, and an assortment of handpicked tools are all curated with one aim: to give puppies the best start in life. And because we've used these products ourselves, we can vouch for their effectiveness.

Our story is one of love for breeding and understanding its intricacies. We didn't just spot a gap in the market; we lived the challenges and crafted solutions.

With years of relentless commitment, we've not only honed our breeding techniques but also developed products that simplify and enhance the breeding process. Every innovation is a testament to our journey, our learnings, and our successes.

The My Breeder Supply Promise

Our genuine passion and years of hands-on experience have shaped our product selection. We don’t merely stock products; we use each one in our own breeding programs, confirming their efficacy and quality.

Our success stories from our breeding programs, amplify our promise of ensuring newborn puppies' optimal well-being and care.Β 

We are not just sellers; we are breeders, sharing the tools that have paved our way to success.

It's all about a successful litter.

  • Great Planning

    Success comes with good planning, and good planning comes with knowing the right answers.

  • Why Our Studs?

    Progressive kennel that is constantly moving forward and improving our studs.

  • All Day Comfort

    We've learned about our products and the art of successful litters through our own trial and errors.

A Cut Above the Rest

Our Studs

At My Breeder Supply, we are proud to offer French bulldog studs of the highest quality. As a progressive kennel, we are constantly moving forward and improving our studs to meet the changing demands of the breeding community.

From genetics and conformation to temperament and health, we are dedicated to providing our clients with studs that are a cut above the rest. Whether you're looking for a stud to produce healthy and happy litters or improve your breeding program's quality, you can trust that our French bulldog studs will exceed your expectations.

So why wait? Choose My Breeder Supply for the best sire quality in the industry.