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Heated Whelping Kit

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Product description

When selecting the appropriate size Please use the OUTSIDE dimensions of your kennel or whelping box

 Heat Tape with Thermostat

The safest and best whelping system

The kit ONLY includes heat tape with a thermostat.

This Kit DOES NOT Include PVC  or Crate
The 4 PVC Whelping Rail Adapters are sold separately.

Why Is a Heated Whelping Kit Important For Dog Breeders?

Our patented system will keep your puppies safe and you can have your life back too. Don't use heat pads or heat lamps, they cook mum, she will hate it. And don't take Mum away from puppies either, she will get separation anxiety and you have to spend all your time being the surrogate mother,

Newborns are very vulnerable to being smothered or dying from hypothermia. Our heated whelping box kit prevents both of these. A perimeter shelf, or pig rail, is placed just above the floor to protect the newborns from being pushed against the outer wall and trapped or suffocated. The floor under the rail is heated to keep the newborns warm. They'll stay in this safe and warm area and then move to the mother-to-nurse.

The added benefit is that only the floor perimeter is heated, the mother is not continually subjected to additional heat and stress. And Mother is with and looking after her babies, where should be.

Heated Whelping Kit Includes:

  • Heating Tape with Thermostat

  • Power Cord for Heater

DOES NOT include a crate.

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