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Why It's Easier to Do it Yourself

by Cody Whittington on Jan 21, 2021

Why It's Easier to Do it Yourself

Why Do It Yourself?

There are many reasons, here are a few:

You control the process, you save money, you save time, and get better results. Theres also the reduced exposure to other sick animals. That’s a win, win for you with no downside!

You Can Do Pretty Much Everything!


From Artificial  Insemination (AI), progesterone testing, pregnancy testing, whelping, parvo, giardia and brucellosis testing, and more. Everything from getting your dog pregnant to raising newborn pups can be done by you at home.

Okay, Explain The Benefits.


•       First, it's a lot cheaper to have these items on hand and to do them yourself than it is to take your pet to the vet.

•       Second, when you have all these products at your home. You won't have to rush to the vet and take more time out of your busy schedule. Just grab the items you need and get to work.

•       Third, you reduce exposure to pathogens in the vets office. Sick animals go to the vet. And with covid its hard to even see a vet these days!

•       Lastly, when you take control the out come is  generally more reliable and you get better results.


So if you are tired of paying that vet bill  and not getting the results you want, do it yourself! It's cheaper and more convenient for you and your pet. All these items are available and only a click away on our website