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Progesterone Machine For Dogs

by Phenyx Media on Nov 17, 2022

Progesterone Machine For Dogs

A hormone called progesterone, which is released by the corpus luteum, aids in controlling ovulation  and getting the dog's body ready to sustain a fertilized egg. The dog's body releases an ovum when  progesterone levels rise in the blood, and at the same time, the endometrium thickens in preparation  for conception. 

Progesterone levels are raised, not just immediately upon ovulation and throughout pregnancy. In  reality, progesterone levels begin to rise in dogs about the time the brain sends the signal to begin  ovulation or the LH peak. Before ovulation, the ovaries' antral follicles—the locations from which eggs  will be released—start to alter and generate a tiny quantity of luteal tissue. 

To save time and money, dog breeders can determine the most fertile time for breeding or artificial  insemination by measuring the levels of progesterone in the blood with the help of a progesterone machine. 

A progesterone machine can be used to help with infertility in female dogs, as well as to regulate their  estrous cycles and prevent pyometra (a life-threatening infection of the uterus).  

The progesterone machine for dogs helps breeder to monitor the hormone levels of their female dogs.  This device can be used for breeding purposes or medical reasons. 

Why Is It Important For Dog Breeders?

The most frequent cause of infertility in bitches is not a medical condition, but rather an improper  mating time. 

In the past, we've relied on factors like the number of days since the first signs of the season were  detected, such as days 11 to 13, the bitch sticking for the dog, the color of the discharge from the  vaginal area changing from red to clear, etc. 

About 70% of the time, these techniques work, but can be better. 

These symptoms are linked to estrogen, a crucial hormone for behavior and pregnancy, but in 30% of  cases, there is no connection between this hormone and the best time to mate. A progesterone  machine helps us determine the precise time to mate to increase the chances of the bitch becoming  pregnant. 

Progesterone levels may be tested throughout the bitch's early estrous cycle to determine when the LH  peak and ovulation will occur. Progesterone concentrations normally peak about the time LH reaches  2.0 ng/ml, and ovulation typically happens when progesterone levels are between 4.0 and 12.0 ng/ml. 

Progesterone levels can seem to fluctuate between lower levels for many days before rising abruptly by  3.0 ng/ml or more in a single day, which may be consistent with several follicles ovulating at once.  Following the pattern of progesterone levels is therefore considerably more significant than  emphasizing a single figure. 

The usage of a progesterone machine can also be used to prospectively determine if ovulation occurred.  Levels exceeding 15.0 ng/ml can be used to confirm ovulation, but they do not help plan the cycle in the  future.

The results of a progesterone machine can also be used to estimate when whelping will occur.  Fortunately, dogs appear to be pretty predictable about when they give birth. Whelping typically takes  place 63 days after ovulation and 65 days after the LH peak, both of which are approximated by  progesterone levels as previously described.

Although the cause of the luteal bodies' apparent short  existence is unknown, whelping starts to happen within 48 hours as soon as progesterone levels drop  below 2.0 ng/ml. This is a highly helpful piece of information for determining when a bitch will give birth,  if an abortion is about to take place, and whether a pregnancy has been successfully terminated. 

How Can A Progesterone Machine Help The Breeder?

It can help the breeder to: 

  • At the first indication of heat, take a baseline measurement of progesterone and vaginal  cytology. 
  • Increase the frequency of progesterone testing when 75% of the vaginal cytology's cornified  superficial cells are present (typically 3–4 days after a bloody vulvar discharge is noted). • Verify a clear and sustained increase over 5.0 ng/mL to determine the ovulation time. • Based on the preferred insemination technique and semen type, choose the breeding timetable. • It also helps to save time and money 

The Progesterone machine is a very practical, affordable, and accessible tool for female dog  reproduction. It can be utilized at various points in the reproductive cycle and provides details on when  to mate and when to give birth, as well as any abnormalities.