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Keep your puppies safe and secure to and from the vet ■ Trusted by Professional Breeders Worldwide ■ Peace of mind with our 1-year warranty


What People Are Saying

Highly recommended!

"It was just like described work perfectly. I was skeptical on size but was able to fit 9 French bulldogs and had a room left over highly recommend."

Enrique L.


"easy ordering fast delivery"

Debra K.

Life and money saver

"If I have a small or weak puppy the incubator is a life saver. I have used it many times and saved a puppies from dying."

James C.

Lifeline For Vulnerable Puppies

A crucial tool for breeders, ensuring optimal temperature and safe transport for vulnerable newborn puppies. It's more than equipment; it's a lifeline, providing a sanctuary for puppies to thrive in their critical early weeks.

Every breeder knows the delicate balance of life in the first weeks of a puppy's life. This unit is more than just equipment; it's a lifeline for the most vulnerable puppies, providing a sanctuary where they can thrive against the odds.

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1-Year Warranty

1-Year standard warranty on all new incubators large or small.

Portable and easy-to-clean.

At home or on the go, our portable incubator is your reliable partner in safeguarding the precious lives of your litter.

Protect Your Litter

Keep your litter safe on trips back from the vet, isolate sick puppies, protection from mom.

Reduce expenses & promote animal welfare by improving puppy survival rates.

Our portable puppy incubators maintain a consistent and ideal temperature environment for newborn puppies. This controlled temperature ensures that puppies are protected from extreme cold or heat, reducing the risk of health issues and improving their chances of survival.

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