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The Best Sperm Shipping Kit for Hassle-Free Delivery

by Phenyx Media on Jun 27, 2023

The Best Sperm Shipping Kit for Hassle-Free Delivery

In the world of fertility and reproductive health, transporting semen samples with preserved viability can be a significant challenge. Enter Shipmate, a groundbreaking sperm shipping kit designed to make the process as efficient, effective, and hassle-free as possible.

A Track Record of Successful Semen Shipments

With thousands of consecutive successful semen shipments to its credit, Shipmate is more than just a promising innovation - it's a proven solution. This impressive track record is not a stroke of luck; it's the result of careful design, meticulous engineering, and a deep understanding of sperm biology.

The Science of Temperature and Semen Viability

Unlike systems that lack active temperature control, Shipmate takes a different approach. It gradually cools the semen and maintains it at an optimal 5°C/41°F. This active temperature control is critical in preserving semen viability for prolonged periods - even during shipments that last 3-4 days.

The science behind this is fascinating. Semen viability is highly dependent on temperature conditions, and the precise control offered by Shipmate ensures that the sperm remains healthy and viable during transit.

The Cost-Effective Solution: Shipmate

Shipmate isn’t just about preserving semen viability; it's also about doing so cost-effectively. Because of its compact design, Shipmate significantly reduces overnight and return shipping costs compared to other larger, more cumbersome shipping solutions.

Behind the Technological Marvel: Shipmate

Shipmate with the top off showing the inside

What makes Shipmate tick? Let’s take a look at the incredible technology and craftsmanship behind this highly effective sperm shipping solution.

The Maker: Innovative Technology Ltd.

Shipmate is developed and manufactured by Innovative Technology Ltd., a reputable company based in Elk City, Oklahoma. Known for its dedication to producing cutting-edge solutions, Innovative Technology Ltd. has yet again pushed the boundaries with Shipmate.

Shipmate’s Compact and Robust Design

Shipmate is designed with a double-walled stainless steel flask, standing just 130mm tall and 90mm in diameter. The flask holds a generous 350ml, providing ample space for multiple semen samples to be shipped together. It is powered by a D-sized alkaline battery, ensuring reliability and convenience.

Unpacking the Functionality of Shipmate

The genius of Shipmate lies in its functionality. But how does it actively control temperature, and what makes its operations so reliable?

Why Shipmate Trumps Traditional Methods

Before we explore the technology behind Shipmate, let’s understand the challenges posed by traditional methods of semen shipment and how Shipmate addresses them.

Limitations of the Passive System

Traditional semen shipment methods rely on passive systems that use ice packs to cool the specimen. While this method may initially seem effective, it offers no control over the cooling rate or final temperature, leading to inconsistent and unreliable results.

The Active Control Advantage of Shipmate

Contrarily, Shipmate uses a powerful combination of ice packs and a double-walled stainless steel flask to precisely control the cooling rate and the final temperature. This prevents the samples from getting exposed to "Cold Shock," thus increasing their viability.

Revealing Shipmate's Secret to Success

So, what’s the secret behind Shipmate’s successful operations? It’s a combination of several high-tech components working together to ensure optimal semen preservation.

Role of Microprocessor, Temperature Sensor, Heater, and Memory

Shipmate employs a microprocessor, a temperature sensor, a heater, and memory to effectively control the temperature of the semen sample. It's these components that allow Shipmate to measure the specimen temperature accurately and add just the right amount of heat to the flask, maintaining the ideal cooling rate.

The Cooling Journey with Shipmate

The cooling process in Shipmate is gradual and controlled. Initially, the sample is cooled at a rate of 0.5 °C / minute until it reaches 18 °C. Following this, the cooling rate slows to 1 °C every 20 minutes until the sample reaches exactly 5 °C. This slow cooling rate prevents Cold Shock and maintains semen viability.

Embracing Automated Convenience with Shipmate

The real beauty of Shipmate is that all this happens automatically, with no setup required. Just load the box with ice packs, insert a fresh D-cell alkaline battery, and let Shipmate take care of the rest.

Setting Up Your Shipmate

To get your Shipmate up and running, all you need to do is insert a fresh D-cell alkaline battery, load the box with ice packs, and place your semen sample inside. The rest is taken care of by the intelligent design of Shipmate.


Shipmate represents a significant breakthrough in semen shipment. With its effective temperature control, robust design, and automated operation, it offers an unrivaled solution for maintaining semen viability during transportation. Whether you're a medical professional, a livestock breeder, or someone trying to conceive remotely, Shipmate can make a world of difference.

FAQs About Shipmate Sperm Shipping Kit

What is the optimal temperature for preserving semen viability during shipment?

Shipmate actively controls and maintains the semen temperature at exactly 5°C/41°F, which is the optimal temperature for preserving semen viability.

How does Shipmate prevent Cold Shock during the cooling process?

Shipmate uses a gradual and controlled cooling process to prevent Cold Shock. It initially cools the sample at a rate of 0.5 °C / minute until it reaches 18 °C, then slows the cooling rate to 1 °C every 20 minutes until the sample reaches 5 °C.

What powers the Shipmate sperm shipping kit?

Shipmate is powered by a D-sized alkaline battery.

What is the size and capacity of the Shipmate flask?

The Shipmate flask is compact, standing only 130mm tall and 90mm in diameter, yet it holds 350ml, providing ample space for multiple semen samples.

How is Shipmate different from traditional semen shipping methods?

Unlike traditional methods that use passive systems and cannot control the cooling rate or final temperature, Shipmate uses an active control system to ensure the semen sample is cooled and maintained at the optimal temperature, thus improving semen viability.