The Safest Heated Whelping Kit on the Market

  • No heat pads or heat lamps

  • Prevents newborns beings smothered and hypothermia

  • Keeps mother with babies longer

Save My Pups!

"Excellent product! I wish I would have bought sooner. It works just as described. The puppies love it and so does mom. It’s a must have! Even better, it shipped super fast."

Marcelene F. / Madison, MS

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Struggling with Puppy Safety During Whelping?

Safety First Design

Secure and warm environment.

Temperature Control

Adjustable temperature settings.

Durable and Easy to Clean

High-quality, easy-to-clean materials.

Easy Set-Up

Simple and intuitive to set up and use.

Peace of Mind

Know your newborn puppies are in a warm & safe.

Save Your Sleep

Reducing the need for constant night-time checks.

Worried About Keeping Newborn Puppies Warm?

Consistent Heat Distribution

Ensures even warmth throughout, keeping all puppies in the litter comfortably warm.

Energy Efficient

Designed to maintain optimal warmth without excessive energy consumption, making it cost-effective.

Adjustable Temperature Settings

Allows for customization to the specific needs of different breeds and sizes of litters.

Safe for Puppies

Built-in safety measures to prevent overheating, ensuring a safe environment for the most vulnerable puppies.

Heated Whelping Kit

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the temperature control work?

The kit features adjustable settings, allowing you to set the ideal temperature for different puppy breeds and sizes.

Is the kit safe for newborn puppies?

Yes, it's designed with safety features to prevent overheating, ensuring a secure environment for newborns.

Can it accommodate different litter sizes?

The kit is versatile enough to be suitable for various litter sizes, and crates. Offering flexibility for your breeding needs.

How energy-efficient is the Heated Whelping Kit?

It's designed to maintain optimal warmth with minimal energy consumption, making it both effective and cost-efficient.

Is the kit easy to clean?

Yes, it's made with easy-to-clean materials, ensuring hygiene and convenience for breeders.

Heated Whelping Kit