A collection of videos on about the Ship-Mate, Incubator Care Unit, Heated Whelping Kit, how to collect semen, artificial insemination, breeding dogs, puppy care, and more. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified about any new videos.

Watch a Playlist of our Why and How-To Videos



A Quick Overview of Ship-Mate and Shipping Semen


Why and How To Ship Semen


Ship-Mate Temperature Comparison



Heated Whelping Box Kit


Installing the Heater Tape - Heated Whelping Kit


Installing The Rail - Heated Whelping Kit



Whelping Box: On why and how-to setup a whelping box for your dog and newborn pups


Incubators: On why you would need an incubator for your newborn pups.


A look at our Incubator Care Unit



Ship Mate: Viewing Status and Clearing Log


Easy Dog Progesterone Test


Predicting puppy birth for c section using progesterone



How to AI


Whelping Signs


French Bulldog Close to C-Section Time



C-Section Prep [Part 2]


Hand Feeding


Bottle Feeding



Testing for Color


Drawing Blood, Progesterone Tests


Removing a Dew Claw



Chilled semen 24 hours after collection


An early prototype of the Ship-Mate