Heated Whelping Kit


Newborns are very vulnerable to dying by hypothermia or by getting smothered. Our solution is to put a heating system under a perimeter rail in your existing whelping box or crate.

The rail (also know as a pig rail) keeps the newborns from getting caught between the mother and the wall. They stay safe under the rail. While they’re under the rail they keep warm with the aid of our temperature controlled heater kit.

Our heater kit is easy to add to your existing whelping box or crate. It’s as simple as sticking down a piece of tape to the bottom of your crate.

If your crate doesn’t already have a pig rail, you can add one with aid of our PVC pig rail adapters. All you’ll need is some inexpensive PVC pipe from your local home center.

An added advantage to our heater kit is the mother stays comfortable in the center of the whelping box. She isn’t getting overheated by a heating pad or sunburned from a heat lamp. The pups will go to the mother when it’s time to feed and go back under the rail where it’s warm and safe.

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Additional Details
Kit Includes
  • Heating Tape with Thermostat
  • Power Cord for Heater
Crate & Sizes

Our base kit fits an OxGord or Paws & Pals 42″ 2XL crate (42″ X 27″). These crates can be purchased from Amazon or Walmart for about $50.00.

We do not provide the actual crates, only the Heater Tape and Rail Adapters.  

Our heated tape dimensions are 2″ smaller in both the Length and Width in order to properly fit the trays.

Heater Tape

If the bottom of the crate is removable, remove it for easier assembly.

Do not remove the backing off the tape yet. On the bottom of the create smooth out the heater tape around the perimeter. Remember do not kink or overlap the tape. It should be in one layer around the perimeter of the crate bottom (under where the pig rail will be). After you’re happy with it’s placement, lift up one end of the tape, remove the backing, and stick it down. Keep the tape as smooth as you can as you’re sticking it down.

Replace the bottom if needed. Attach the thermostat box on the side of the crate.

Pig Rails

PVC corner adapters can be purchased from our store. However, you will need to supply the 1-1/2″ PVC pipe.Measure the inside of the crate. Subtract 6″ for length (long), and 7-3/4″ for width (short). You can purchase pipe from your local home center, such as Lowes, Home Depot, Ace, or Atwoods, and they may be able to cut them to length for you.Assemble inside of the crate.The pipes fit into the adapters to form a rectangle. The notches should point outward and fit over cage bars.The ends should fit snugly against the crate’s side.

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