The Best & Safest Whelping System
Heated Whelping Kit
Critical equipment to save cold and failing puppies
Incubator (Small)
For larger litters
Incubator (Large)
Easy and affordable testing
Brucellosis Test Kit (10ct.)
An easy way to test a common problem
Giardia Test Kit (10 ct.)
They can be saved
Parvo Test Kit (10 ct.)
The complete kit
ShipMate AI Kit
Easily pull blood
1ML syringe with 22GA Needle
(10 ct.)
Mimic the natural mating process
AI Catheter
Long Term Protection for Shipping
CaniPlus Chill LT
Takes the guess work out
AI Silicone Prosthetic
Rigid catheter with polished tip
AI Rod (10 ct.)
Time your breed correctly
Progesterone Testing Machine
For the FineCare Machine
Progesterone Testing Kits
Industry Standard


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