A collection of videos on using the Ship-Mate, how to collect semen, artificial insemination, breeding dogs, and puppy care.



A Quick Overview of Ship-Mate and Shipping Semen


Why and How To Ship Semen


Whelping Box: On why and how-to setup a whelping box for your dog and newborn pups



Incubators: On why you would need an incubator for your newborn pups.


A look at our Incubator Care Unit


Ship Mate: Viewing Status and Clearing Log



Easy Dog Progesterone Test


Predicting puppy birth for c section using progesterone


An early prototype of the Ship-Mate



How to AI


Whelping Signs


French Bulldog Close to C-Section Time



C-Section Prep [Part 2]


Hand Feeding


Bottle Feeding



Testing for Color


Drawing Blood, Progesterone Tests


Removing a Dew Claw



Chilled semen 24 hours after collection